For more artwork follow Brittan on Instagram @brittan_puronentattoos or the shop Instagram @treasurecoasttattoo


Books Currently Closed!

Brittan is currently fully booked through the end of 2021. At this time, we have closed her books to new clients and/or new pieces

for current clients. For clients with consultation or tattoo appointments already on the books, those will still go on as scheduled.

If additional appointments are needed at the end of an appointment series for pieces already in progress, those

clients have priority. Their appointments will be booked first once books are reopened.

Brittan will keep clients informed of the schedule status through her Instagram and we will share her updates here and on all social media as well. Once her books are re-opened, current and prospective clients should submit their design ideas and references for review through this website using the inquiry form that will become available at that time. Inquiries will be reviewed in the

order that they are submitted. Additionally, bookings are based on the project and whether she feels that she is the best

artist for it. Should your design be selected, you will be contacted to schedule a consultation. Tattoo appointments

will be scheduled only after a consultation has been completed, unless otherwise discussed.

Brittan does not currently have a wait list. If last minute appointments become available she will post them to IG

with instructions on how to book, so be sure to follow her there @Brittan_puronentattoos to stay informed.

As always, we have five additional, very talented artists. Please check out their portfolios on Instagram and our website

to view their newly created pieces. Their books are currently open with varying wait times, for

consultations and tattoos. We look forward to setting up your next appointment!