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Booking an appointment:

At the moment, tattoo appointments are booking about three months in advance.

In order to secure an appointment we must first either have an email thread going, or have had a consultation so I know how

much time to book you for. Once we know how much time we need, you can either call the studio and tell them the time frame you need to book

or stop by the studio in person to schedule. The studio does require that all clients leave a $100 deposit to secure your appointment. This deposit

is non-refundable but does go towards the price of your tattoo so it is not an additional fee. 

If you must reschedule or cancel for any reason the studio must have a 24 hour notice or your deposit will be forfeited 


Booking a consultation:

I do consultations in the morning from 12:00-:12:45 before I start my first tattoo appointment for the day at 1:00. 

In order to book a consult, all you have to do is call the studio during our open hours, and our shop manager can book you a morning that works for

your schedule and mine or fill out the form below and we'll contact you to schedule. During this consult we will go over all the details of your piece and if things sound good we can either book an appointment that day or you can always leave with the information we discuss and book an appointment at a later time. Consultations are a great way to get more info about the tattoo process and it’s always nice to meet in person :)



I charge by the hour at $150 an hour. 

For one shot pieces that are palm size or smaller, I charge by the piece depending on how detailed the piece

is and the placement of the piece. I do also offer a full day rate of $800 which is from 1:00-8:00. We usually start tattooing at

1:30 and there is a lunch break at some point in the middle of the day so if you are up for sitting for the whole this is a great deal!


Drawing and designs:

This is where a lot of trust comes into play! 

I do not show previews or send rough drafts. You will see your design the day of the appointment. This is why it’s important to communicate when

emailing or during our consultation of exactly what you want to have done. This is why I strongly urge people to do research on their artist and

make sure they look at portfolios and see how they tattoo things so you know you’ll be happy with the outcome. With that being said, I do

schedule your appointment with a little extra time to allow for minor changes to be made to the design if need be. I do want you to be happy with

what you are getting so never be afraid to say you’d like to change something up. If it is a major change like subject matter it will result in a

reschedule of your appointment. If it’s something minor changes can always be done on the spot since iPads have made this process so much easier :)

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