Required Documentation (MINORS):

-Photo ID (DL, passport, Military ID)of Parent/Guardian listed on Consent Form

-Photo ID (DL, passport, school ID) of Minor listed on Consent Form

   -If using school ID, must also include birth certificate or equivalent in combination

Tattoo Aftercare
Healing Tips

Using the gym

Please refrain from using public gyms until your tattoo is completely healed. Exercising and sweating will not damage your new tattoo, however, exposing it to shared gym equipment will likely lead to infection.

Please contact Treasure Coast Tattoo Co. for further questions or concerns. Thank you.

  1. Remove bandage 30-60 minutes after tattoo. Do not rebandgae.

  2. Wash tattoo with mild anti-bacterial soap & slowly increase water temp. to as hot as you can tolerate and rinse for 5-10 minutes. (Do not scrub)

  3. Pat dry and allow to dry overnight.

  4. Starting the following day, apply an unscented hand lotion or tattoo aftercare product 1-2 times daily.

  • DO NOT scratch or pick your tattoo. If it itches, slap it.

  • DO NOT touch your tattoo with dirty, unwashed hands.

  • DO NOT soak in baths, hot-tubs, pools, ocean, or tan until completly healed. Once healed, use a high SPF sunblock to protect your tattoo.

  • DO NOT shave over the area for two weeks.

  • DO NOT apply A&D, vaseline, neosporin or any ointments, these will delay the healing process and dull color.